Wednesday, April 11, 2012


i'm living in the pathetic way, so what?
- it doesn't concern any of you.
- my life is mine, your life is yours, and everybody does.
i'm trying so hard to let the best things coming through me without a fight.
- even know, i'll always resist it.
i'm trying so hard for every apology to be accepted.
- even know, not every apology has to be accepted, it only needs to be understood.
i'm trying so hard to runaway from you and the present life, but what for?
- running means fool, can't fix any problem.
i'm trying so hard to face you, face the real life and get a life.
- facing the truth, is the only reason why i'm still alive, we're growing.
i'm trying so hard to control the ego in me, and so does my anger.
- yes it's hard, i know, it's hard for everybody too, what is wrong with trying for it, right?
i'm trying so hard to bring happiness for all the people i loved, i cared.
- even know, we can't make happy all of the people in our lives. it's a fact.

sorry for the sorrow that i've made.
sorry for the hard times.
sorry for everything.
and thank you for every time, moment, and kindness.
i'll keep everything in mind.
but please, be a little soft, just a little. please, :)

(Let the music speak)

Explosions In The Sky - Remember Me As A Time Of Day

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