Wednesday, September 26, 2012


i'm tired for keep on disappointing all the people that i loved.

three times in a row, crying for the same exact thing, the thing that is really really needed by all the people in this house. three times, i got a bang in the head for stepping out into the reality scene. three times, the same person that i have loved unconditionally, has been disappointed. three times, i've been hiding with some tough cold face, but my heart been crashed into pieces just to hear that person dissapointed. three times, seeking for comfort from the same person, and this is the third, sadly he's not around.

but dad said, "if you're getting a test of life, it means God loves us". that sentence keep ringing in my ears, everyday, every night before i'm asleep. hoping, praying, the last is begging.

God.. please, i'm begging.
I even cried while i'm begging. 

When all that you wanted
And all that you have
Don't seem so much
For you to hold on to
For you to hold on to
For you to belong to

Jet - Hold On

(technically, I love this song. but don't know why, this song keep shedding on my tears.)

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