Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm done. Good bye.

okay, everything has been answered. it's crystal clear.

first. i never really know the real you, who you are what you are, and sorry for not knowing there's a grey are in you.

second. this is the last, i'm going out from your life, like it or not, you are no one. and second time, i'm sorry for the harsh word. i know that kind of swearing didn't solve any problem.

third. yes, you're admitting it's all begin because of one person. and everybody chirping around saying that we're kind of in the middle of a fight over someone. it's never even close. my anger comes from you, not someone else, but you. it's all about you. and i'm over it. i'm finish.

fourth. i'm regretting for all this. the fight, the friendship, the time where i even call you "sister", everything. all of these has become an ashes. they're flown away with the air. i'm closing my heart, my eyes, i'm closing everything for you. i'll live my life, and so you do. good luck for your life.

yes i am, hard as a stone. and i don't care if everybody making fun of this situation. whatever. you're just a person that i never know for the whole of my life. that's it. only that. i'm done.

hey grandpa, dad, maybe i can't hold any of my words or promises to you both.
sorry, it's enough.
i'm done.

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