Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chiisana Koi No Uta - by Mongol 800 [Monpachi]

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["Small Love Song"] - Mongol 800 [Monpachi]"

One of many in this wide universe
In the great world of this blue earth
This tiny feeling of love will reach
You on the little island
Time have passed since I first met you
The letters with my feelings grow in numbers
Without us realizing, it is already echoing between us
Sometimes intense, sometimes sad
It echoes distantly
This gentle song changes the world

*Look, the person who is important to you
Is right beside you
I just want to reach only you
This echoing love song
Listen, Listen, Listen to this echoing love song

You noticed that even the dark street
We walk on is lit up by the moon every night
Not letting go of the hand I grasped
The feelings are strong, I promise forever
In the depths of forever, I’ll surely say
These same words with my feeling unchanged
But it’s still not enough and turns into tears
It turns into joy, I can’t put into words
Just embracing, just embracing

* Chorus

If it’s a dream, don’t wake up
If it’s a dream, don’t wake up
The time I spent with you
Will turn into everlasting stars

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